VSAT Company Profile

VSAT is an engineering and trading group with a broad spectrum of business connections and activities Worldwide.

We are currently conducting several safety and security projects which concerns the monitoring of highly sensitive pipeline installations for oil and gas in Northern Africa.

Here VSAT is operating via the sister company BAY-SAT GmbH.

We are also engaged in various projects for the military in Northern Africa. One of these projects we are presently working on, is the design and construction of laboratories and storage area for testing of explosives.

Our competence and expertise enables us an active engagement in all parts of the World. Currently we are involved in several projects in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait and Laos.

As for our scope of activities: We develop projects as we "go along". There are needs in this World. Whether it is an organisation or a company, they talk to us about their problems and needs. This is how we came to the point of offering to design and merchandise Mobile Hospitals. Thus we function as "solution finders" Worldwide. We can offer you to find the proper solution to your needs, questions and problems. This is how we work. Let us work for you!

Our core competence and qualifications are: